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Having gained a 1st class honours degree in Chemical Engineer at Leeds University, David secured a PhD in 1971 for innovative research into the application of computer systems to optimise petrochemical processes.

For most of the 1970s David worked in management roles within the textile industry after which he joined the Computer Department at the North Staffs Royal Infirmary. This was one of the last three remaining computer organisations that the NHS established in the late 1960s to develop patient based computer systems.

During his time at what is now the University Hospital North Midlands, he helped to create pathology and haematology systems, support the main patient administration system, and design, build, and implement a pharmacy system which was one of the first computer systems based on a well researched data model.

Stimulated in part by the NHS’s acceptance of the 1984 recommendations of Edith Körner’s report on ‘Improved Information for the NHS’, the Information Management Centre was established as part of the Department of Health; I joined it within its first year. David’s role was to research and analyse NHS activity through the development of a model which represents the totality of healthcare and which could be used by any organisation as the basis for systems – the Health Care Model. This took me up to 2004 when he retired from working life.

Since then David have been and still am involved in a number of dementia projects, as a member of his GP’s Patient Participation Group, and a member of the independent Community Health Voice. David is also deeply involved with our local community organising weekly newsletters, events, excursions and activities.

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