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As the Network develops and work programmes are commenced, there has been a call to ensure we are doing the right thing at the right time. Whilst plentiful national reports and guidance exists, to drive a functioning Network, there is a need to demonstrate a clear shared vision for what we would like to achieve.

By exploring the current landscape, we will be able to identify gaps in the current Network’s vision and better define the needs of the imaging services in the West Midlands. By defining the baseline, we will have a greater understanding of how to target resources and enables the development of a target operating model owned by the members of the Network and informed by the experiences of patients, carers and referrers.

The project objectives include:

  • Build trust and increase engagement by encouraging ownership by host organisations and experts
  • Provide a clear direction for the Network development
  • Develop Shared vision by the member organisations
  • Help shape future work programme
  • Map strategies across the network
  • Identify commonalities
  • Promotes transparency

The main content will be designed by each special interest group by way of developing key questions and analysing results of surveys. The results of these surveys will assist the special interest groups with defining their target operating model, alongside utilising their own perspectives. ​  

The contents of the document will include:

  • About our system – Population and health inequalities and trust service provision
  • Need for change – Strategic drivers and current issues
  • About WMIN – Benefits of a Network and the governance and operational arrangements
  • Key findings from each SIG/work area – Both the current and target operating models
  • Other findings – Patient and referrer survey results, communications, and core network developments

​​Inspiration for the publication layout has been taken from the Scottish Current and Target Operating Models, which we aim to replicate and build upon by using the layout, infographics, narrative, and video content.

We aim to build many of the sets of questions in the early part Q4 of 22/23, with surveys due to be distributed to a wide range of stakeholders in March 2024. Follow an analysis of the results, we aim to publish the models in quarter 3 2024/25 via a series of consultations and culminating with its launch at an existing network event. 

Members of the Network can find further information on our FutureNHS page