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The West Midlands Network Operational Board is chaired by the Network Clinical Director, Dr. James Heron and in his absence co- Chair, Network Director, Kate Burley. This group is accountable to the Network Executive Board.

This Board will:

  • provides a forum for interchange and linking between the Network SIG, and other asks that are brought to the Network.
  • makes recommendations to the Network Executive Board and support the implementation o these once approved.

The membership of both Boards will be reflective of the geography of the West Midlands.

This new governance structure will enable our Network to develop and provide clear lines of governance and accountability and ensure that there are clear channels of communication.

Dr James Herons headshot

Dr James Heron

Network Clinical Director

Kate Burleys headshot

Kate Burley

Network Director

Nisha Sungums headshot

Nisha Sungum

Head Of Operational Delivery

Steve Halliday s headshot

Steve Halliday

Network Digital Transformation Director

Holly Warriners headshot

Holly Warriner

Senior Quality Improvement Manager

Iszara Blakes headshot

Iszara Blake

Senior Programme Manager

Mia Steeles headshot

Mia Steele

Project Support Officer

Michelle Mercers headshot

Michelle Mercer

NHSE Representative (Non-voting member)

Cindy Wright s headshot

Cindy Wright

Care Group Manager - Walsall Health Care NHS Trust

Jon Hopkinss headshot

Jon Hopkins

Head at School of Radiology

Ingrid Brittons headshot

Ingrid Britton

Director - Midlands Imaging Academy at Health Education England

Dr Marius Grimas headshot

Dr Marius Grima

DCIO, Radiologist & Paediatric Imaging Lead at UHNM and Digital Clinical Lead for the West Midlands Imaging Network

Laurence Ginders headshot

Laurence Ginder

Chair - WMIN Clinical Director's group at The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust

David Rosewarnes headshot

David Rosewarne

Chair - WMIN R&D SIG

Anita Jefferiess headshot

Anita Jefferies

Chair - WMIN Medical Physics SIG at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Glen Whitehouses headshot

Glen Whitehouse

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

Deonne Lees headshot

Deonne Lee

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

Andrew Joyces headshot

Andrew Joyce

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Jitesh Patels headshot

Jitesh Patel

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dan Hardings headshot

Dan Harding

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at Wye Valley NHS Trust

Suki Rais headshot

Suki Rai

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

Sandra Milwards headshot

Sandra Milward

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

CJ Brownes headshot

CJ Browne

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Bill Nortons headshot

Bill Norton

Trust Imaging Senior Manager at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Helen Kings headshot

Helen King

ICB Diagnostic/Imaging lead Rep at Hereford and Worcestershire ICB

Zoe Slades headshot

Zoe Slade

ICB Diagnostic/Imaging lead Rep at Coventry and Warwickshire ICB

Anna Martins headshot

Anna Martin

ICB Diagnostic/Imaging lead Rep at Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin ICB

Elaine Gilliands headshot

Elaine Gilliand

ICB Diagnostic/Imaging lead Rep at Black Country and West Birmingham ICB

Dates for Operational Board meetings:


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