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Clinical Pathways and the role of the West Midlands Imaging Network

The Imaging Network has a role to play in supporting the development and improvement of modalities. By bringing together specialists from across the 15 member Trusts, we can learn from each other, identify and drive best practice and improve the experience of patients going through the care of our organisations.

With the Network working towards the Quality Standard for Imaging Networks (QSIN) endorsement, our Pathway and Modality Special Interest Groups will look at producing Network-wide clinical guidelines. This will allow for the consistency of service to patients enabling patient movement across the region, and enables staff to work between different sites.


Our MRI Special Interest Group first met in November 23, and consists of representatives from across the Network. Chaired by Sarah Prescott, the group are setting priorities for their work programme to include:

  • Standardising MRI Safety documents
  • Sharing learning from incidents
  • Improving access for patients with pacemakers and other implants

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine (NM) Special Interest Group – Coming soon…..


Ultrasound (NOUS) Special Interest Group – Coming soon…..

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